First Three Chapters…

Hmm, not really sure where to start, never having done a book club before…. but here goes!

I must say I’m really disappointed we don’t have Bess’ letters – it makes Harry seem a little crazy and makes the whole romance bizarre and one sided, which it obviously wasn’t. I wonder what happened to them? He also seems incredibly young and naive still at the end of this section, despite the fact that he is thirty years old. It seems like he is still the sheltered kid with glasses and piano lessons somehow. It will be interesting to see if the military changes his personality at all, or if that is just how he is.

Also, McCullough – way to pointedly include references to minorities and Truman family prejudices and not dancing around it. It doesn’t even seem awkwardly shunted in there, which I really appreciate that. I’m quite surprised and impressed that he made such an effort on that front!

What do you think, Kells?

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One Response to First Three Chapters…

  1. Kelly says:

    Yeah! I wonder if he simply didn’t keep her letters? Sometimes it’s as easy as that. Great archival question, though. I also enjoyed the factoid that we don’t know his high school grades, since the school’s records burned down sometime.

    And I agree about the naivetee (how on earth do you spell that). I’m going to write a little more about that in my post, because it is resonating a lot with me right now.

    Finally, I *also* appreciated the explicit references to race, class, and religion. It’s nicely unapologetic, just presented as information. Makes a nice balance to some of the vaguely corny Midwestern values. Not because the corny Midwestern values weren’t real, but just that they existed in this larger context.

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